This software is available to NIH Only.

Establish encrypted VPN tunnels with the Cisco VPN Client for highly secure remote connectivity for mobile employees or teleworkers.

If you have problems installing the VPN client, try using the Uninstall instructions for your operating system. These instructions can be found on the same web page -- look for the Uninstall Guide heading and click on the link for your operating system. If, after following the steps in the Uninstall Guide, you are still not able to connect to VPN or the VPN client will not install, please contact the NIH Service Desk at: 301-496-4357 (local) or 866-319-4357 (toll free) or submit a service request via the web at:

NOTE: An NIH username and password are required to download the Install & Uninstall Guides mentioned here.

RSA SecurID Software and Documentation has been moved to HERE.

***Click the OS type section to download the new version and click HERE for more information on the new VPN.