The Access Card Utility (ACU) is an application provided by HHS that will enable you to renew your smart card digital certificates at your Windows desktop.

Note: Version 1.6.0 of the Access Card Utility is required starting September 2, 2019. Previous version of the Access Card Utility will not function after September 2, 2019.

To use the ACU:

  • Your certificates must be valid and have not already expired
  • Your certificates must be eligible for renewal (i.e., you received a renewal notice from HHS and/or your certificates will expire within 42 days (6 weeks))
  • You must know your smart card PIN
  • ActivClient with the latest hot fixes must be installed on your computer

Installation Command Line Options:

  • To silently install for All Users: "DeloitteACUInstaller.exe /S /AllUsers"
  • To silently install for only the Current User: "DeloitteACUInstaller.exe /S /CurrentUser"
  • These install in the default directories (respectively) of Program FilesDeloitteACU and AppDataRoamingDeloitteACU
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For technical support and all other questions, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk at: 301-496-4357 (local) or 866-319-4357 (toll free) or submit a service request via the web at: